Mr Honk and his sad Trombone

Mr Honk and His Sad Trombone

With funding from the Arts Council, support from the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury, and the help of a number of very generous backers, The Honk Project completed a really successful tour of Mr Honk and His Sad Trombone last Autumn to venues across the UK.

We are now planning a further tour of Mr Honk next Spring 2013. Exciting times ahead!

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What's the show about?
Mr Honk plays in the local brass band. He is a cheery sort of chap with a sunny disposition and a spring in his step, but his trombone only plays the blues. Mr Honk determines to get to the heart of the matter and cheer her up. In the process, he has some surprising revelations and achieves extraordinary results.

Combining live music and hilarious physical comedy, in their own inimitable style, The Honk Project bring us this delightful story of a character who, through mishap and misadventure, ends up touching everyone’s lives with magic.

Mr Honk and his Sad Trombone is a must-see for people of all ages, from five years and up.

Click here to see a short film of the show.

Praise for Mr Honk

'This is an inventive piece of children’s theatre, executed with verve and a real sense of fun.'

- Total Theatre Magazine

'[Mr Honk's] enthusiasm was so infectious, some young audience members couldn't stop themselves from dancing along to his tunes.'

- The Reading Chronicle

Running time: approx 1 hour.

The Honk Project team also present clowning workshops, which can be booked alongside the show.

To book Mr Honk and His Sad Trombone, call Helena Richardson of Richardson PR & Management on +44 7931 801091, or email